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Baby Got Back or Nah???

We live in a world, mainly mainstream media, that is obsessed with thin, skin, and bones women; especially after she commits and completes the most sacred event her body will ever do, pregnancy and delivery of a whole baby! From praising women, mainly celebs, who lose all there “baby weight” to body or fat shaming those who do not. There seems to be no happy medium during this time physical, emotional, and spiritual of recovery.

I can remember after having my daughter, I was actually smaller than my post-baby weight; now this just happened naturally, I did not do any hardcore crazy Beyonce-Eight-Day diet.

But I can remember people, family and strangers alike, ask me very intrusive questions of how much did I weigh before, how did I lose the weight, and how much did I gain while pregnant…and much more! It was like I was either an alien because I was substantially smaller after having her, or I was praised for being some super fit mom that “snapped back”. Either responses made me feel uncomfortable.

2 Months after having my daughter. Circa 2010
2 Months after having my daughter. April 2010
Day before I delivered
Day before I delivered. Feb 9, 2010

I have NEVER been comfortable with talking about my weight, whether I was thin or fluffier. But what I am comfortable with is being in my own skin; and loving myself that way no matter what! Not saying that I never have an occasion that I think I look “fat”; I have learned that what makes me feel great is when I take care of myself and dress according to my size; whatever that maybe. Interestingly enough, did a survey of over 300 women that yielded some interesting results: Although 70% of respondents said they felt worse about how their bodies looked after having kids, 30% said they liked their post-pregnancy bodies better and felt more “powerful and confident” in their looks.

So it is very refreshing to hear that Mrs. Kerry Washington is not concerned with being “post-baby” anything! She told Self magazine that she certainly wants to be healthy and feel good, but she’s aware that her body is the site of a baby-making miracle, and she’s honoring all of the new changes that have come along with experience.

“My body is the site of a miracle now. I don’t want to be pre-miracle,” Washington explained.

Read more here:

There are so many changes that happens to a woman’s body before, during, and after pregnancy; my advice is to accept everything that comes with it. This is a beautiful time. Think of it like this: your body is a portal between the spirit world to the natural realm and is sacred among everything else.

Nevertheless, if your goal is to lose the weight, remember that your body has been through many complex and amazing changes over the past nine months – so take it easy on yourself, and lay off the mainstream ideal of body image and beauty!

Shalom Queens!





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  1. This article is on point! I was heavier pre-baby and lost thirty pounds after I had Summer. Although I have gained some of it back I think I’m more focused on being comfortable in my skin and eating healthier. xxoxooxox

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