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The Dark Goddess Series: Maa Kali

kali ma

Goddess Kali Ma or Maa Kali, the dark mother of the Hindu pantheon is often the most feared and misunderstood Goddess of ancient days, and modern resurgence. Today with this vibrational Calendar date of Jan. 10, 2017 equating to 11/11, we take time to honor her energetic vibration and remember who and what she truly represents in all of our lives.

With a fierce demeanor, she is often depicted as a grotesque being with multiple arms, , her tongue sticking out with the blood of her enemies drenched around her mouth, wearing a garland made up of 52 skulls and a skirt of severed arms. While not the most warming or embracing depiction, her presence is absolutely necessary for the human spiritual experience. With the one arm that can be seen carrying a sword covered in blood symbolizes her cutting away the delusions of the human ego along its spiritual path. Her image is not for the faint of heart. When the ego sees Mother Kali, it trembles with fear because the ego sees in her its own eventual demise. An individual who is attached to his/her ego will not be able to receive the vision of Mother Kali and she will appear in a fear invoking or “wrathful” form.

One will also find her depicted standing over or on top of her male consort Shiva. While there are many myths as to why she is over him, the most “recent” myth depicts that Shiva sacrificed himself during her destruction dance on the demons (self-inflated ego) that attempted to harm her children. He plummeted to her feet to calm her righteous rage that defeated all her enemies. However, according to the myth, she became drunk off the blood and continued her destructive dance. Shiva’s selfless sacrifice had saved the world from complete destruction once she realized he was at her feet.

Her name, Kali, means “She who is Black”. With her Black skin represents the un-manifested form of all creation is born from and into which all creation will return. She is truly a mysterious goddess of destruction, death, time, and rebirth. What has not always been recently depicted is her loving and motherly aspect as the Cosmic Mother that rebuilds after she destroys.


Mother Kali is associated with death, sexuality, and violence. She is dark, fierce,  seductive, terrible and wonderful, and has so much to offer her devotees when they release the ego and walk in spiritual principles and truths. She is the primary reality, the enfolded order, formless void yet full of energy passion, potential and form. To her worshippers, Kali represents all of life for conception to the ultimate reality of death.  Nothing can escape time and death. She teaches us that we have nothing to fear when we let go of our own prejudices and misconceptions. When we release our won limited human thinking, she creates for us the path to full enlightenment and beauty of all creation.

Hail Kali Ma



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