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The Gift of Living NOW


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The present is all that we truly have. All that is certian is the very moment we are in now. However, we at times get caught up or wrapped in what has been and what it will be. We err when we direct our focus only on the past and future. While yes the past does affect out present state in life now, we can not continue to live there. Many people get stuck in that state of dwelling and replaying the experiences of the past in their mind creating a feeling of regret and a “what if” syndrome that will rob you from moving forward in life. On the other side of the scale, we can also get drawn in focusing too much of our attention to the future. We dream, fantasize, and at time worry and stress about it, so much so that we try to create in our present llife the idea of what perfection in life should look or be. This can foster fear, anxiety, and doubt.

We learn from our past when we allow ourselves to let go of the experience and move forward with the understanding and wisdom that we gained from that experience. However, when we dwell on the moments from our past, particularly the ones that we felt hurt from, we stay stuck in a mind loop that blocks us from gaining any true wisdom to be applied to our present NOW so that we can create the future we desire. The future is the destination where our goal is set to be achieved. In order to achieve our dreams and goals we must be present in the current moment. All power that we have is in the NOW! We no longer have any power in the past and we do not have any power in the future. ALL is the NOW! What we decide to do NOW is the contribution that we make to the future.


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So do not worry about the past, for it is over. Gather understanding from those experiences, learn and move forward with wisdom in your present NOW. In additionally, do not concern yourself with the future, for tomorow is not promised either. ALL we have is the present moment and all we have is NOW. Regain your power and breathe in the NOW so that you can take hold of the contentment of focusing on the blessings that are currently around you and grasping hold of what actions you can take that will lead you into your desired future.



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