Intuitive Healing Womanhood

Re-Awakening the Divine Feminine​


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Regardless of whether we identify as  male or female, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us. And it is beneficial to draw on both these energies within to better serve ourselves and humanity. 2018 is the Year of The Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning. There is a call for a deeper meaning and yearning of a spiritual community that we all are feeling. There is a more focused intention on making a reconnection to the natural world and honoring the original Goddess energy, Mother Earth, that has been ignored in mainstream religion and spiritual practice.

The Sacred Feminine is a concept that recognizes that “God” ultimately neither anthropomorphically male or female, but a Divine Essence beyond form and duality-an essence that is in balance and unification of masculine and feminine principles. For the last several thousand years the dominant religious systems of the world have been patriarchal which sanctioned societal ethics that elevated God the Father over Mother Earth, and man over woman.

Double One.

2018’s fadic equation is 11. From a spiritual perspective, it is the number of a master builder and manifestaion. It is the primal force from whence everything is stepping into a new level. It is the gateway to awakening, growth, and opportunites. The sacred feminine energy is emerging from within us to be more expressive in our creativity, love, intuition, forgiveness, harmony, beauty, healing, and wholeness. She is beckoning us to come into being of our dual nature for far too long has she has suppressed, degraded and devalued. Her very nature within us is desiring to be evoked in our life and praised for the healing that it will bring upon all the earth.

As women, our default nature is to be align in the Divine Feminine energy. Since women create and birth life, the divine goddess is a metaphor that she earth nourishes our existence as a mother nourishes her child. Being vessels of creation itself, women’s divine power was embraced throughout ancient cultures and traditions. Historically, the priest and spiritual leaders were originally priestesses and the first medicine men were actually medicine women.

The dual dimension of these energies bridges the unity source of energy referred to as yin and yang or the god and goddess. Goddess represents the divine feminine;  God represents the divine masculine. On a manifested level, this translates to a physical woman and a physical man. During this Universal “11” year, we shall expect to experience more of the Divine feminine energy representation of the universe through: Restoration, life, renewal ,creation, birth, healing receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, the Earth, water, connection, harmony, and sensuality. The goddess is alive and well within us; she is awakening within you and you are beginning to remember her, The time has come to answer her call.



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