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Soul Sunday Series: Practical Spirituality vol. I: What is Spiritual Discipline?


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Spiritual discipline is essential to our soul’s growth and accomplishing of our life path or calling. All of us have came to Earth to complete, learn, or share some aspect of knowledge, hope, and love to humanity. However, to effectively influence and experience growth in our lives, we must cultivate our spiritual practices and discipline. What is discipline? Discipline is the action or inaction that is regulated to be in accordance with a system of governance; it is the training, or order, or direction of a code or regiment to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior(s). In understanding this, we can imagine how practicing discipline in our spiritual practices can enhance results and cultivate growth in a specific area of our lives. When we create and follow spiritual disciplines in our life’s journey it will assist us in tuning from the noise of the outer world so that in return we can attune and become more familiar to the stillness of our inner voice. As we establish habits in our spiritual practice it will eventually become our way of life and cultivate our heart, mind, and soul desires.

Just as we would exercise our physical body to become stronger, quicker, or healthier, it is essential that we execise our sipirual life to stay continally healthy as well. Practinng spiritual discipline enables our lives to be in flow with Source/God/Universe, ensures our spiritual maturity, and sets us on track to meet our goals in life. There are three types of spiritual disciplines: Inward, Outward, and Corporate.  Find us in our next post as we explore Inward spiritual discipline.

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