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Yoni Eggs are polished semi-precious gemstones that have been carved in the shape of an egg. They are inserted into the vagina during Kegel exercises to assist in strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles. They have been used as an ancient practice for royals and and higher societies up until recent history.
Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for “sacred seat”. In ancient times the woman’s reproductive organs were praised and worshipped for its divine role in creating life.
The benefits of adding Yoni eggs to your daily practice can result in an increase in natural lubrication, even after menopause; balance of hormonal and pH level; increases libido, and assist in overcoming infertility. The yoni egg is not just a kegel exercise tool, it is a sacred tool that has been used since ancient times for physical and emotional healing and transformation. They have been used as a guide to help you learn and connect more deeper with yourself. They teach us to listen carefully to our body and mind for a more intuitive connection.

As elements of the earth, crystals come energized with its own personality. Different gemstones vibrate and align to match or boost your energetinc field. The importance of this process is to learn to let go and trust that the elements are in favor of you and here to be used for our benefit.

As you can see the benefits of yoni eggs are not just limited to as a kegel exercise tool; these sacred crystals carry healing modalities to assist in aligning physical and emotional healing and consciousness transformation. Yoni eggs clear energetic blockages and balances the mind, body, and soul. The eggs have been used as a birth training tool to enhance the overall health of the vagina safer and swifter birthing experience. They have been linked to heal sexual traumas and balance and restore hormones.

How to Prepare for Your Yoni Practice

Before starting your yoni egg practice, make sure to cleanse the egg in a bath of hot water with no soap or detergent. Depending on the preciousness of the gemstone, boiling water may be poured slowly over the egg, then immerse the egg into hot water, not boiling, for approximatley 10 minutes. Be aware to not boil the egg for that can cause damage to the healing qualities of the egg. This should be done before the first use and as often as you feel it will need to be done. It is recommended to cleanse it after each use. Other ways to cleanse your egg is washing it in salt water (pink himaylan salt for best results), immersing it in a river or ocean, and to place it around other stones to discharge it, such as clear quartz, amethyst or hematite. Vinegar can be used to clean the egg and clear it energetically for charging and discharging. Other ways to charge or program your egg is preforming a full moon or new moon ritual by conciously placing the egg into the path of  moon beams. Inserting the egg into the ground for it negative energies to be absorbed from the crystal. Stating affirmations over the crystals is a great additive in charging the crystal with intentions.

Yoni eggs can come drilled or undrilled. As a novice practioner, it is recommended to start with a drilled egg and stringed with unwaxed and tasteless dental floss. Ensure that the string is long enough to be threaded through the ends of the egg and tied with a tradiotional knot. When removing your egg, push it out with your vaginal muscles and only slighlty tug the strong to help guide it out. It is highly recommended to never pull the egg out.

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