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Calling ALL Mommy, Mystical, & Spiritual Healer Bloggers!


Writers wanted!

Are you a mom but tired of the same old “mommy blogs”? You know the ones that paint motherhood as perfection, with the perfect family, and perfectly edited pictures. While they are cute and fun, that does not seem to paint out motherhood for you… well we are looking for mommy bloggers to be featured on MyMelaninMama to share their true stories of the journey we call Motherhood. This beach is not always paradise, but we can enjoy the breeze every now and again. Share your story with us of womanhood, motherhood, and the journey of life lessons!!

Are you a Mystic? Are you feeling the shift of the Divine Feminine Awakening?  Do you read Sacred text and want to share your viewpoints or breakdowns? Astrology, magic, Tarot, Law of Attraction? Then MyMelaninMama is looking for you! Email us to become a guest blogger!!

Are you a healer or on a spiritual healing journey? Do you desire to share your story in return to help others? Are in a spiritual awakening and want to share your story? Do you have knowledge in plant/herb wisdom, chakras, or crystals?

If so, we are looking for you! Team with us to help spread the word and raise the vibration of the inhabitants of the earth!

Email us at for More info!


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