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My journey to the Sacred Union

Since coming into the awakening of the Divine Feminine it has opened my consciousness and heart towards the importance of energy healing in my own life. The early part of my life I lived out of balance due to childhood traumas and the inner conflicts I developed from them. Like many others, I had associated femininity to only women and viewed it’s archetype to be weak, helper, nurturing, and fertile; while associating masculinity as the archetype of streghth, control, and power. I had a distorted view of the characteristics for each energy due to my experiences of how feminine and masculine energy was portrayed to me.


Before realizing that I had an imbalance, I felt mostly confused about life, unsure of myself, and I was easily emotionally triggered. I found myself after sinking low in my emotional and mental state, that it was time for a change. I had grew tired of the ups and downs of my emotional state and the trend of unfortunate emotional and mental state gotten so low that I began to feel depleted mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In attempts to heal the fragmented apsects of myself I came into the learning of the Divine Feminine. I came into the knowing that as male or female, we embody both a masculine and feminine wisdom or energy, and finding a balance of that within our selves is the route to our fullest potiental.


Along my journey of energy healing I have come to learn that while reconnecting and healing my inner Divine Feminine led me to see and heal the wound in my Divine Masculine energy. With the reawakening and acknowlegding the Divine Feminine aspect within ourselves, it led me to realize ca that healing the masculine

There has been less focus on referring to healing the Divine Masculine energy. Our fullest potential can be reached when we weave and balance both energies within ourselves. We all, whether male or female identified, embody both energetic principles; having that balance within leads to a divine wholeness of self. While illuminating and reconnecting with our inner Divine Feminine, we can not neglect addressing and the healing of the inner Divine Masculine. To fully integrate our inner and outer expressions of a unified feminine and masculine principle, we will have to dismantle our conditioned inner mental and emotional patterns of the two being polarities that are competing powers, but as a complimentary partnership of wholeness and divinity.

As energetic beings, when we are disconnected from either or both energies, we are left an inner imblance, feel lost or unsure of life, suscetible to addictions, chroni illness, trauma and behvior issues.


For the last several thousand years, the Divine Feminine apsect throughout men and women was suppressed and oppresesed, creating a distorted view of self identity and optimal expression of love.

Where is the give and take in your life? Learning and living in a balanced life

The masculine and feminine principles transcend gender. In fact, males and females possess both energies and learning to balance and live in that balance is the goal. This manifest internally in males and females; having that balance leads to a divine wholeness. We all have an inner feminine and an outer masculine self. Everyone has an inner feminine, this is your true or purest self where we will find our truest desires, our love, intuition, reflection, receiving, our feelings, and our creativity. All this is from within or the essence of who we are; the sacred soul.

The masculine is the outer expression of yourself. This is the self that you show to the world. Your abilities, your actions that you take out to the world. It is the protector of your divine feminine self. This self-protects the essence of who you are. This is the self that takes action, the warrior archetype. Outer personality and how you project your self in the world. To have or to be operating with a strong divine masculine you will stand up and defend your self, set boundaries, logic, take action and get things done for your self. Its main purpose is to protect the divine feminine energy so that you can be in your truth and peace.

A weak or imbalanced divine masculine will have one behave as a doormat or someone is easily vulnerable or susceptible to abuse or mishandling. All the goodness that you have in your energy will most likely be taken advantage of.

An imbalanced or weak divine feminine will have someone being too erratic, forceful, or aggressive.

The goal is to have the heart (feminine) and the mind (masculine) integrated and in harmony with each other.



Hello to all My M&Ms (Melanin Mamas)! I am Empress Tye and welcome to this sacred space of healing, encouragement, and community through the ideals of wombman-hood, Mothering, and awakening of the Divine Feminine. As a wombman of color, I aspire to share not only my spiritual journey and life hacks I have learned over the years but to collaborate with wombman all over who desire to share and walk in their Divine calling. Peace and Love

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